Saturday, July 15, 2017

Coach Singapore

Coach Singapore... What I mean is Coach to Singapore 

There are are many ways to go Singapore from KL. Trains are still there but more and more people use buses and coaches these days. Mostly, tourists coming for the first time are perplexed. If course they need either cheaper journey to Singapore or comfortable journey. Some people want a mix of both or a kind of compromise. So let me write something about these topics.

Singapore Coach from KL 

If you can afford luxury travel, need luxury travel because of a health condition, or you have children with you, it's a good idea to use a luxury coach from KL to Singapore. There are some excellent first class coach service operators. If you travel in these luxury coaches, you'd feel travelling in first or business class aeroplane. Or even better... 

Coach operators 

Few coach operators worth to mention are Transtar Solitaire and Nice Imperial and Executives coaches. 

Buses for Singapore

There are decent economy buses that ply between KL and Singapore. Transnational, Causeway Link Express and KKKL are reputable air-conditioned economy buses, which are fairly comfortable to travel. 

Why not train to JB

Of course, you can take a train, but trains are not very frequent and if you arrange your time properly, it's fairly OK to use trains. There is, however, no direct train to Singapore. You need to alight at Gemas, and then take another train to Johor Bahru. Then go to Singapore. This will be more convenient when proposed bullet train starts in 2026. If that's a long wait, just use coaches or rent a car to drive to Singapore.

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